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All Pret espresso based drinks start with a full shot (The Pret Base as we like to call it). All the effort that goes into our Latte also goes into our Mocha, but with a chocolatey twist…For all the chocolate lovers in need of a coffee hit this is for you. The Pret Barista adds a generous amount of chocolate to the Pret base, so the flavour mix is just right. Traditionally the Mocha is a treat to enjoy after dinner (of course we don’t mind when you have one).

Contains: Milk

Nutritional Stats, Facts, and Figures

Table of Nutritional InformationPer 100gPer serving
Energy (Kcal)96.8271
Fat (g)4.111.4
of which saturates (g)2.46.7
Carbohydrates (g)10.529.5
of which sugars (g)616.8
Protein (g)411.3
Salt (g)0.10.3
Sodium (mg)36.1101
Trans Fats (g)00