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All Pret espresso based drinks start with a full shot (The Pret Base as we like to call it). To make our Latte the Barista gently steams the milk to 50 degrees (steaming adds no extra air) this keeps the milk flat but creamy. Traditionally a Latte is drunk for breakfast because it's the mildest of the espresso based drinks (of course we don’t mind when you have one).

163 Kcal

Contains: Milk

Nutritional Stats, Facts, and Figures

Table of Nutritional InformationPer 100gPer serving
Energy (Kcal)49.4163
Fat (g)2.78.9
of which saturates (g)1.85.9
Carbohydrates (g)3.511.7
of which sugars (g)00
Protein (g)2.68.7
Salt (g)0.10.3
Sodium (mg)33.9112
Trans Fats (g)00